Task 8

Focus on your learning and continue on your path….

Congratulations – the chances are that when you reach this stage you will be feeling stronger and have found you way back to a path that you recognise as your own.  Your new Owner is out there waiting for you…you just need to find each other.    Don’t rush, they will find you when the time is right.  You can’t force it – but do allow it when you are ready.

This task is more a long term task.  There is always much to learn in life, in the D/s lifestyle, about yourself and about others.   The final task in this journey is to keep learning.

Where to learn?

One of the most important things to understand about the D/s lifestyle is that whilst there may be many rules, discipline, structure, etc. ultimately everyone’s journey is very personal.  Nobody can tell you whether you are doing something right or wrong but your Owner and yourself.  Be mindful of that when you join communities, whether online, offline, or in virtual worlds.

Having said that – there is much to be learned from listening to others – hearing their experiences and their stories.  You can also learn much from sharing your own experiences, asking questions, exploring the vastly diverse genres and individuals within the lifestyle.

You may find it useful to contact a local MAsT group (Masters And slaves Together).  There are Chapters all over the US, and also in Canada, Australia and the UK.  I have only heard positive things about MAsT Chapters and the support they offer – so much so that I started a MAsT Chapter in my local area.

If you don’t have a local community that you feel comfortable joining, there are a number of online communities, the largest being https://fetlife.com/

Search for groups that align with your interests and read what others’ share.  Some of it is great, profound and enlightening….some of it is tripe – well, c’est la vie.

There are many D/s communities within Secondlife.

Of them I can currently recommend:

D/s Discussions Group (events and discussions are posted here)

Recommended Reading

This link will take you to a book entitled “Where I am led” by Christine Parker.


The download is just 5$ (US) from lulu.com (about 3.5 Euros or £3) and worth every penny in my humble opinion.

You can also purchase from Amazon.

This book is such a gem and I learned so much from using it.

It has tasks of its own – guideposts, weekly thoughts, weekly assignments and monthly projects.

Of these I found to be most valuable the guideposts, thoughts and weekly assignments. Spend time on them….you will learn self reflection….you will have opportunity to consider the lifestyle….develop humility….expectations and ultimately you will learn very much about being a slave/submissive and how you may want to serve your Owner well.

I can also recommend taking a look at the books from Alfred Press

The strongest people make the best submissives.  Learn how to be a happy submissive and keep your Owner happy…and yes…it is vitally important that you are happy….being a submissive or slave should be a rich and enjoyable experience.