Task 5 – Part 2

Recognising the things that you have gained

The first part of this task took you back to reflect on things of the past before your service to your last Master/Mistress or even before starting your journey into the D/s lifestyle.

Hopefully, during your service you will not only have given of yourself to your Master/Mistress but also will have gained some new skills, information, knowledge, and experience FROM them.

Think back over your service/relationship and try to identify:

  • 3 things your Owner taught you during your time together.
  • 3 things you have improved at during that time….whether it be in terms of your service to your Owner as a submissive or slave or life skills more in general. The small things are just as valuable as the large things. If you can’t immediately see three things -look harder…..they are there…you just aren’t looking in the right place.
  • 1 thing that you think has been a negative change in yourself as a result of the time in service to your last Owner/Master/Mistress.

Set yourself a goal and think about how you will change the negative thing gained in your experience with your last Master/Mistress.   Don’t put too much pressure on yourself….it can take a long time to mend ways…..take your time….there is no rush.

Be thankful to your Master/Mistress for teaching you the things you learned.

Be proud of yourself for improving in the ways that you did.