Task 4

Reflecting over your release or abandonment

I am very sure you have already spent some time reflecting over why you have come to be abandoned, released or otherwise no longer owned.

Now it is time to write about it.  This may be a difficult task for you and you may need to talk things through with someone.  If you feel the need for this please contact your guide, mentor or friend when you need to.

There may well have been external influences and reasons for you being disowned…. or it may be that your relationship with your owner broke down.  Use your writings from tasks 2 and 3 to help in your reflections here.  Even if the end of your relationship was due to external influences or circumstances – were there any qualities you identified in the 2 previous tasks that may have contributed to the events that have happened?

You should complete this task fairly quickly and be focused on getting this task done. It may be a difficult one but don’t put it off…..get it done and feel free to talk it over with your guide, mentor or friend.

Ultimately you may never really understand “WHY”.  Actually, whilst you may think you NEED to know why…..you don’t….you just need to accept that it ended and that there were reasons…even if you don’t know them all.  Acceptance is key to your recovery and will enable you to move forward on your journey.  Don’t be crippled by an inability to accept things.