Task 7

Looking to the future and your needs and wants

♥ Congratulations – you have come a long way – and it was not easy ♥

By now you should notice that things are starting to get easier.  You are getting stronger.

From this task forwards we will be thinking about the future.  You will still reflect upon things from your past but only to help you think about how you would like to see your future.

If you have been a submissive or slave in training at all you may well have spent time considering your needs and wants.  This task requires that you think again about your needs and wants from the lifestyle, from your next Owner, and for yourself in life in general.

What is it that you seek from serving as a submissive or slave? What is it that you want? and what do you need?

Collect the following document and follow the tasks within it. Create your own documents to complete the tasks within it as the document itself can not be edited.


You should try to complete the task initially within 2 days but you may return to it later if you think of new needs and wants that you hadn’t included.