Task 5 – Part 1

Reflecting on things that you may have forgotten

It is time to start re-discovering yourself. You now need to start the journey in finding yourself again.  You gave all of yourself – now you need to re-claim yourself.  This is an essential step before you can even consider giving yourself to another Owner.

Depending on how long you were with you last Owner(s) may affect how difficult this next task will be for you.

Part 1:

The first part of this task requires you to cast your mind back to before the time you were owned, or at least before you were owned by your last Master/Mistress.

Did you used to do things and see people that you no longer did after you become owned? Perhaps through choice or perhaps under instruction or perhaps even without noticing – think back – were there times that you have thought…”oh I wonder what happened to so-and-so, I haven’t spoken to them for ages”? or were there times when you thought “I haven’t done such-and-such for a long time – I used to enjoy that”? Even if you haven’t thought these things (which is often the case as well) I want you to remember back and identify:

  • Three things that you used to do and enjoy that you no longer do.
  • Two people that you used to enjoy spending time with or talking to that you have lost touch with.

Describe some times you remember doing these things and talking with these people. What was it that you enjoyed about them? Why did you stop doing them/seeing them?

The next step of this task is to arrange to re-engage with the things/people that you have identified in the first part of the task.  When you do the things and talk to (or see) the people you have lost touch with, write about the experience – was is enjoyable? How did it make you feel? Why do you think that you felt that way?

You may have found that you no longer enjoy those things or have anything in common with those people….that is fine…we all grow and change.  But reflecting upon how you have changed and why will be helpful in re-discovering yourself.

You should try to identify the forgotten people/things in the first part of this task within a couple of days.  The next part of reconnecting with those people/things is really up to you….but the longer you take to complete it the longer it may take to find yourself again….that means it may take longer before you are ready to give yourself again.  Ultimately you will decide how long you need.  If you get stuck with this part of the task….move on to the second part and then return to part 1 and try again.