Making the pain go away

How do you make the pain go away?

The short answer to this is you can’t.  Of course you can mask the pain, with drink, drugs, work or distractions but ultimately this will likely lead to a prolonged or unresolved grief over the loss of your Owner.  Avoiding or suppressing the pain of loss will usually result in it coming back to bite you in the bum further down the path.  Just when you least expect it it’ll hit you like a bus and you will be back in the pain you tried to force away.

Loss hurts…it is meant to….and you have lost someone that was hugely significant in your life.  It will hurt.   Feeling the emotional pain of losing your Owner, your love, your guide and partner is an essential part of your journey.  Don’t fight it.  The pain will ease by itself when you are ready.

Cry when you need to cry.