Task 1

Telling your story….day by day

Your first task will may be something that you already do or have done for your Master/Mistress in the past.

Every day from this day forward you should write a journal.

You will write about what you have done in your day, the feelings and thoughts that you have experienced and any fears, worries, or questions that you have.  You are expected to be honest, open and free to speak your mind in your journal.  This task should be completed every day to give you the full benefit – even if you just write a few words or lines about how you are feeling or what you’ve been doing.

You may also feel the need to share it will others, if not straight away this may come at a point in the future.  Why? Two reasons:

1. Because as you will come to find….reading the thoughts, activities, fears and challenges of other slaves/submissives such as you will be extremely beneficial; and

2. Telling your story is a great way to help in your own healing process and development.

You should NOT be inhibited by the thought of sharing your journal…. you will come to see that is will be a pleasure to share….however, it is understood that right now your trusting nature may be damaged and that you may need some time to feel safe in sharing with others.

Whether you share your journal with others straight away or at a later time – you should consider sharing it with your guide, mentor or a friend from the start. You can, of course, do this task alone but you don’t need to. There are plenty of good, kind people that can help you.