About this guide

This guide was developed out of my own experiences of abandonment together with talking to others about how release and abandonment has affected them, and what has helped them.  There are also elements taken from my RL experience of providing emotional support to the bereaved.

Just like any loss or bereavement (which is essentially what you may be experiencing after being released or abandoned) your journey will be unique.  You will experience responses, some of which may be familiar to others who have been through similar events, some of which will be unique to you and your situation.

This guide does not promise to fix things.  It can not “take away the pain” of your release or abandonment.  What it can do is help to give you some structure that may be missing without your Owner, help you self reflect, and provide some comfort as you recover and make your way back to the path.

What path?

The path that you are on in your own personal journey through the D/s lifestyle, D/s relationships and …life in general.  Your path.

A few words from the author of this guide:

I would like to give thanks to those that have helped in the development of this guide including:

  • my first Master T, who taught me much;
  • those that have helped by giving feedback to my drafts of this guide (you know who you are);
  • those that have shared their experiences and have helped me to learn more about myself and others;
  • and most of all…Master, who found me when I was lost and helped me back to my path….and then offered to lead the way upon it.  Thank You Sir, I love You. ♥

Julala Demina xx